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What to expect from the new Buttons & Pears – Part One

>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yesterday I talked about the new direction for Buttons & Pears. Today I’ll give you more details on what I have planned for the blog. I’ll start next week by sharing my discovery of photography and how I got started. I’m going to try and dig up my first photograph from my very first class. I still have every negative and every photo, even if they weren’t very good.

Here are a few of the categories I’ve come up with:

My Inspiration: This is a big one. Inspiration is a large part of creation and comes in many different forms.

Music: I’ll share which artists and songs inspire me. I believe there is a strong connection between what I’m listening to and how my photographs look. It’s not just while shooting the photographs, but in the processing as well.

Other artists: I’m always inspired by other artists. I’ll share artist’s work that I love and I’ll also bring back Flickr Inspiration. There are so many great images on Flickr and I love playing curator. So be on the lookout for Flickr mosaics.

Objects around my home: There are so many things that inspire me and a lot of the time it’s something in my home. So I’ll share what those things are and how they are transformed into a fine art photograph.

I’ll pick back up tomorrow with a list of the other categories.


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