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Before & After: Work Station

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

In my previous Before & After post I talked about the lack of style and character in new homes. Another problem we encountered with our new home was upgrades. There are so many upgrades to purchase in a new home. Many would be great to have but just cost too much money. And sometimes it’s past a certain point in the process and they just can’t accommodate. My husband knows this all too well.

We have a small nook in our dining room, which is pretty much useless. We could have opted for the upgrade which would have added cabinets and countertop, but we felt other upgrades where more important. Nicer flooring, countertops, etc. So we were left with an empty space. It is a nice place to hide our kitty food and water but needed something more.

I thought a small work station would be great with a writing surface and a place to hold mail. My husband and I aren’t that handy so my parents helped. My mom had the great idea of using a dining table and cutting it down to fit the space. Crazy, but it worked. My dad and husband cut and installed the table and added a shelf with the left over wood from the table. My mom built the mail boxes. Like I said, I’m not that handy with this type of work. So I took the photos.

Empty nook
Updated nook with desk and mail boxes

Have a great week!


BackwoodSophisticate November 19, 2008 at 5:16 AM  

Wow! What a fabulous small space makeover!! Looks beautiful!
I checked out your calendar on etsy, I really love it!

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