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Popina Swimwear

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of the great things about living in Portland is all of the lovely shops. I’m still somewhat new to Portland but it seems that every time I go into a new neighborhood (new to me) I find wonderful shops. Just two weeks ago I was searching for a new bathing suit for an overnight trip to the Bonneville Resort. I really wanted to swim in the pool. As many of you know, most of the large retailers do not sell suits in the store this time of year. So I ordered a suit online, I should have known better. Needless to say it didn’t fit and I had to take it back. By this time I was desperate for a suit and I did an online search for swim shops in the area. Only one came up in the search, Popina Swimwear.

I stopped by the store the very next day and was greeted by Pamela Levenson, the owner and designer of Popina Swimwear. Pamela helped me pick out a lot of great suits to try on. I was able to mix and match my suit. I purchased a swim top by Swim Systems and matched it to Retro Boy Shorts designed by Pamela. I walked out of the store with a great suit that I actually felt very comfortable and confident in!

If you’re ever in the area stop by Popina. You’ll find everything you need including flip flops, sunglasses and bathing suit cover-ups. I found some very cute bags that were hard to resist. You can find more information at Popina Swimwear.

Bottom Line: Cute suits and great customer service!


Mrs.French October 16, 2008 at 4:57 PM  

this is one of my favorite Portland shops...great minds think alike my dear.

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