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>> Monday, April 6, 2009

On Friday we drove down to Eugene to drop off three of my photographs that have been accepted into the University of Oregon’s 2009 Pacific Northwest Art Annual. Click here to learn more about the Art Annual.

Eugene is about 2 hours away from our home so we decided to make it an overnight trip and do some exploring. On Friday, after dropping off my photographs, we drove out to Florence. Florence is a quaint, little town on the Oregon coast. We walked around town and I managed to get a few photographs before the rain started up again. It had been raining most of the day with an occasional glimpse of the sun.

On the way back to Eugene we stopped at an old, rundown gas station and I was able to take photos there until it started raining again. On Saturday, we headed south to Cottage Grove and drove the covered bridge tour. I’ll have more photos from the gas station and the covered bridge tour soon.


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Related Posts with Thumbnails

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